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EcaKnowGames promotes the idea that anyone can learn to code at any age!

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“This is quite literally the single greatest game I have ever played.” 


—  Jabuklaflock, on Red Treasure

January 5, 2018

This lesson is meant for someone who has some (even if minimal) knowledge of computer science. It only introduces Swift’s unique syntax by presenting different coding exercises, but it does not explain the respective coding constructs by discussing how or why they work. For a more comprehensive introduction to coding, contact  

First, be sure to download the latest Xcode onto your Mac. Next, create an Xcode folder where you can save all your Xcode files to.

Click Get started with a playground.

(An Xcode p...

January 4, 2018

Hi all, and welcome to the first ever EcaKnowGames blog!

EcaKnowGames is an app development company dedicated to bringing you great apps, but we also want to offer the chance to teach you about coding in Swift using Xcode. In the blog section, you’ll find How-Tos and Reviews on different features of Xcode, Swift, and more.

Grab a cup of coffee, a laptop, and get excited for an awesome adventure. Learning how to write apps opens a world of possibilities, all at the tips of your fingers! Next time, we’ll jump right into Getting Sta...

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EcaKnowGames is an app development company founded in 2015. Based in northern Illinois, the company focuses on creating all different kinds of apps. Be sure to stay tuned for EcaKnowGames' newest creations, coming soon to the app store!

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